AMSUN hosts MBChB 2016 class for dinner

It was all pomp and glory as the MBChB class of 2016 came to an end of their undergraduate course. They marked this day with a colorful party at Weston Hotel. A spectrum of colors welcomes you to this lavish hotel in Nairobi. The colors coalesced together to form a picturesque scenery, the rainbow can’t come close to such a spectrum of colors. The seats were well done, the tables well decorated with flowers at the center exuding fragrance that filled the air, if you think that Paris is the home of fragrance, then you have to think again.

The finalists walked in majestically a few hours after the sun had disappeared into the horizon. The dressing was just breathtaking. Elegance at its best. The men were in descent suits that fitted them perfectly well. What about the ladies? They were in classy dresses, well done make up, beautiful manicured nails and great hair styles. Actually, they were competing to outdo each other. In ancient Greece, this was equivalent to an event where the gods were to choose their brides. Since it was a medic’s only affair,Asclepius, the god of medicine would have been the guest of honor.

Food was in plenty. Talk of chicken, beef, exotic vegetables, and many more varieties. After a few opening remarks from the MC, dinner was served and then it was time to listen to advice from seasoned doctors. They were graduating with rules of being a good doctor but it was the time to get the exceptions. Prof. C.F. Otieno urged the new doctors to uphold the highest ethics while practicing this noble profession. He also told them to respect the dignity of the patients that they serve. Others who talked were Prof. Peter Ndaguatha from the Department of Surgery and the KMPDU Secretary General Dr Ouma Oluga. The Chief Guest, Directorate of Health Standard and Quality Assurance and Regulations, Dr. Pacifica Onyancha who not only impacted them with words of wisdom but also came with a message from the Cabinet Secretary for Health Dr. Cleopa Mailu.

It would have been unfair without the recognition of students who did exceptionally well in their final year. Paul Kiptis was the best in surgery, Odok Christopher bagged the Medicine award while Somaiya Shivani and Murila Cindy took away the Obs/Gyn and Pediatric awards respectively.

The best overall male student was Odok Christopher and Lavender Otom the best overall female student. This was no mean feat. It takes a lot of hard work to emerge at the top of your class in medical school. The class representatives Cheryl Tikolo and Karanjit Loyal, now doctors, were also awarded for their excellent leadership.

After the long session of speeches and awards, it was time to dance. For once, the finalists were going to have fun without worrying about patients, pills and portions. For this dance, you just had to take it your way. People danced in step and in time. You would have thought that they were going to Noah’s Ark after the event. The party ended late into the night. It was a memorable dinner.


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