Getting Together

GT simply means Growing Together. Its name may sound simplistic but GT is quite a lot of things. It is more than a weekly class bible study group; it is a group of friends (which is not closed to other people), a bible-learning platform, a family, and definitely so much more. Notice how I do not call it a Bible-study group. It is only to avoid the connotation of scholastic study that comes with using‘Bible study’. At GT, we do more than studying the Bible—we sing, we play games, we watch videos, we pray together, we hang out together, and we have fun together.

I remember in our initial meetings, everyone had to introduce themselves and say how their weeks were. That was quite dreadful to me, partly because I was shy of the stage and also because of all thefacesthat were staring at me. But it is obviously a different story now, because all of those guys are my friends now.

It is always a joy to share in this circle which is, by the way, open to anyone in medical school and beyond. Practically any human being is qualified to join GT... I hope Wavinya can confirm that. Pardon me for not mentioning this precious person earlier, Sarah Wavinya! She, through the grace of God, got this idea and sold it in class fellowship, somewhere in mid-2015. I heard a small number turned up the first time. I missed the first meeting and I still regret it! But I have barely missed sessions of GT ever since my first appearance. My first appearance was during the second session, the following Friday. The numbers grew exponentially from then on andit has been dynamic:It has changed venues, changed routines, changed leadership, and definitely changed lives.

I am grateful to God for this group. I totally love GT.