‘…The voice I heard was like the sound of harpists playing on their harps, and they were singing a new song before the throne…

(Rev. 14: 2b – 3)

Based on the revelations 14: 2b – 3, the Harp is symbolic for the singing of the church in worship before the throne of God.

Harp is therefore a group of people who delight in worshipping God. Worship, to us, is being totally sold out to Him. He is Lord of all, and we are servants mandated to make disciples for Him.

Majority of us are medical students from the University of Nairobi in different academic years ranging from 2nd to 5th year. However, we also have, amongst us, beloved members from other learning institutions and professions as well.

Harp was started on the 2nd of September, 2015. A number of my colleagues and I were en route to a medical conference. On our way we sang to while time away but as we did, it actually occurred to us that we could start a formal group where we sung routinely.

Then it was just an idea. Weeks after the conference, I decided to ask my friends at the class fellowship whether they would be interested in forming a singing group. The response was overwhelming. Harp was born.

Later, God blessed us with a leader, Evans Mutwiri Mutia & a music director, Emanuel Hans Odhiambo. Since then we have grown as a team in understanding, tolerance, commitment and love. Many members we started with aren’t with us anymore but many more have joined us.

In everything we rejoice since we strongly believe God’s will is gradually being worked out in Harp. He is the author of our journey.

That is a bit of Harp for you!

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  • Written by Effie Naila (Harp secretary)
  • Contacts: 0716195744